118mm Round – 2 Cavity Heat Sealing Die


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118mm Round – 2 Cavity Heat Sealing Die

The 118mm – 2 Cavity Heat Sealing Die is an essential component for Top Seal. Sealing Dies are the bridge between container and machine which allows for a film to be completely sealed around the edges. There are multiple Sealing Dies, each suited to different sized containers.

One of the main benefits of top-seal is that the container/tray unit price can be a lot lower than a similar-sized container and snap-on lid. Aside from saving money, top-seal trays provide an exciting and diverse opportunity to package products in a different way than containers and lids as they can be oven safe, can have multiple cavities, and can be packaged together in seconds with an automatic sealing machine.

This product is manufactured from 18m thick anodised aluminium, with a Film Cutter feature.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

This die is designed for use with our small heat sealing machine.


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