Tamper Evident Containers

Explore our range of tamper-evident containers that are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and finishes.  We supply everything from Ready Meal and takeaway containers to small sauce pots and more, always enabling the safe and secure movement of your food.

Our plastic Tamper proof containers are totally microwave and freezer safe, can be used to store liquids, dried foods, semi-dry foods (takeaway curries for example). They can also be used to transport ice cream, desserts, yogurts, and many other food items.

All of our range is BPA free including our tamper-proof containers, our plastic takeaway containers, and of course our regular plastic containers.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy by using our range of injection ‘tamper-evident containers’

  • Closure:  Easy, simple, and quick to lock the lid in place – either by hand or machine.  Equally easy to open, by simply breaking the ‘Open Tab’ and then reclosing it if required
  • Products: 100% Recyclable
  • Range:    Extensive size range – from 25ml > 20,000ml.   Most products are ‘Standard Stock items ‘ and can be purchased online for a NEXT DAY DELIVERY.  Whereas,  ‘Non Standard items’ can generally be ordered and delivered within 7 > 10 w/days – depending on the specification required?
  • Freezing:  All standard products are freezer safe to -19 o/c.  However, certain white products will withstand much lower temperatures and in some instances ‘blast freezing’ down to -32 o/c
  • Hotfill:   Most products will withstand temperatures up to 85 – 95 o/c – anything near or over that, trials are recommended.
  • Microwave:  All injection moulded, polypropylene products can be safely used in a microwave  BUT NOT a conventional oven
  • We can also print customised labels for your new containers, please see our Printing Services for more information.

Here at SystemPAK™️ we only use quality assured materials, you can be safe in the knowledge that all our plastic containers meet every food hygiene standard and our range of tamper-evident containers is indeed tamper proof, easy to use, cost-effective, tough, and can be stored however you require.