Systempak launches a new range of ‘thermo-sealable’ trays in a series of sizes from 500ml to 3000ml . Not all 13 sizes listed – please check with Sales Office for details of other sizes
They are manufactured from pure cellulose fibre coated with a thin film of PET – to make them both waterproof and grease proof.
The series is available in either Black or White and it’s features are printed generically in five different languages on all walls of the container
Listed below are some of the benefits of using this range:
• High Elasticity – minimising risk of damage
• Excellent resistance to chemical, organic and inorganic substances such as Oil and Fat etc
• Does not exhibit signs of odours or taste
• Can be used in both Microwave and conventional Oven up to +200o/c for 60 minutes
• Suitable for Freezer down to -40o/c
• Recyclable
It is ideal for packing pre-prepared meals and many other foods which require re-heating
These products are recommended for businesses wishing to move to more sustainable packaging solutions
All sizes can be sealed with our Semi-Automatic machine – AND a few sizes such as the 190 x 144mm can also be sealed using our small Manual HS machine

  • 1250ml 190x140x75mm Rectangular Top Seal Cardboard-PET Trays

    From £85.95
  • 500ml 190x140x33mm Rectangular Top Seal Cardboard-PET Trays

    From £73.95
  • 750ml 190x140x45mm Rectangular Top Seal Cardboard-PET Trays

    From £58.95