MeatPAK is a comprehensive range of heat sealable trays to suit every requirement.
All products listed are available in a variety of sizes, material compositions and colours to suit the produce being packed, meeting the required shelf-life:

Polypyrene (PP)
Polyethylene (PE – Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer)


EVOH is known for having some of the best barrier resistance to gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Making it suitable for packaging food, drugs, cosmetics, and other perishable products. When compared to other common films, EVOH is considered to have superior barrier properties.

The inclusion of EVOH makes it ideal for MAP (modified atmospheric packaging OR gas flushing) resulting in an extended shelf life for the produce.

SystemPAK can also supply many of the trays listed with fitted absorption pads, these pads eliminate unsightly excess fluid, blood etc which often gathers in the base of the tray, enquire within.

Products can be ordered and delivered within four to six weeks depending on complexity of order. SystemPAK can also offer a wide selection of lidding films to match your tray requirement.

All products in MeatPAK are 100% recyclable.