CondiPak is a series of containers specially designed for the packing of Condiments, Sauces, Dips , Pickles and a multitude of other food offerings.

These A-Pet containers are currently produced with 20 > 40% recycled material, and every effort is being made to increase this still further. Reducing it’s ‘carbon footprint’.

In the CondiPak range we also supply R-Pet containers. These display excellent clarity, essential for ‘shelf appeal’, along with a number of other benefits including:

• Suitable for Dry, Aqueous, Acidic and fatty foods.
• High rigidity and transparency together with good impact and tear strength
• Excellent gas barrier properties
• Operating temperature: + 65 o/c > -40 o/c ( FREEZER GRADE )
• Not suitable for either Microwave OR Oven

It is always recommended that clients conduct their own trials before proceeding to mass production.

Browse through our category and tell us your requirements and we will happily quote accordingly. Items can be ordered and delivered within four to six weeks depending on complexity of order.