Tamper Evident Containers

Our injection moulded containers provide you with a cost-effective packaging solution for multiple food products. 100% recyclable, ISO and BRC certified, find out more about our bulk buy options today.

Freezer safe.

Standard products go down to minus 19°

And Freezer Grade to minus 40°

Microwave safe.

Suitable for domestic microwave use.

100% recyclable.

All TE is recycleable

Tamper proof seal.

All products are tamper evident and secure.

BRC, IOP accredited.

All food grade and certified products

Hot and cold liquid safe.

All Products are tested and are suitable.

Explore our range of Top Seal containers

Explore our range of top seal containers which are designed to be sealed by use of a compatible ‘heat sealing film’. As a result, ensuring a 100% secure airtight and leak proof closure.

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