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Catering and Disposables

Catering & Disposables

Are you after containers for your catering and disposable needs? When it comes to disposable food containers, SystemPAK offer top quality products at low prices to suit your needs with a wide range to choose from.

Catering & Disposables

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When it comes to disposable food containers, SystemPAK™️ offer what we consider to be the best products at low prices; providing the best value for money as we believe you should not compromise quality for cost.
Working with our specialist suppliers we can provide a wide range of top-quality products to suit your needs; and offer them at competitive prices. Whether you need food containers for your takeaway, deli or cafe, we have disposable food containers suitable for all your catering requirements.
Our thermoformed or injection moulded containers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Deli Portion Pots

A smaller container ideal for delicatessens and cafés

Rectangular Deli Containers

Deli Portion Tubs

A larger container ideal for delicatessens and cafés

Sauce Pots

Ideal for using to package your homemade sauces and dips

Salad Bowls

The best product for creating stunning salad displays

Salad Containers

The perfect choice for storing salads and side dishes

Rectangular Food Meal Containers and Lids

Food/Meal Trays

The ideal choice for takeaways to package their meals

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