C26T Automatic Heat Sealing & MAP Machine



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A state-of-the-art Compac Heat Sealing and MAP ( Modified Atmospheric Packing ) Machine that allows the operator to use a wide range of tray sizes in different materials, to suit the food product being packaged

Effectively MAP, sometimes referred to as ‘gas flushing’ occurs when air is removed from the tray of product, and is then replaced by a gas mix designed to prolong or extend the shelf life of the food product, after the lidding film has been applied.

The machine is fitted with a sliding die set which will accommodate three different sizes of tray  190 x 137 ~ 230 x 190  &  260 x 190mm

Depending on the Operator the Machine is designed to produce about 24o packs per hour

Prices range from £19,000 to > 24,000 depending on the variety of facilities required.   Delivery is included to Mainland UK ( except for some outlying areas )  NB :  Also ,there is an inbuilt allowance for a nominated Engineer to visit the factory in Northern Italy for a day and night – to undertake an intensive course in how to Commission, operate and service the machine

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