Round 118mm Diameter Aluminium Foil Pre-Cut Lids

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Round 118mm Diameter Aluminum Foil Pre-Cut Lids

The Round 118mm Diameter Aluminum Foil Pre-Cut Lid is especially made for the 118mm Diameter DairyPAK Containers.Seal at a temperature of 190-210, dwell time 1-2 seconds. All our products are certified by the ISO and BRC industry-standard recognised food institutions.

Aluminum lids offer a proven established technology for sealing to all container types including PS, PP, PE and PET.  It is a completely recyclable and endlessly renewable material.

Lidding material, can offer a number of advantages, making it perfect for use on many product types. The versatility of a die cut aluminum lid can sometimes make it hard to find an alternative using another material.

These Foil pre-cut lids offers a total barrier against water vapor and oxygen transmission as well as blocking out light and aroma making it ideal for sensitive products or those which require an extended shelf life.

The metallic appearance can be integrated into the design to create eye-catching design effects and embossing of logos or patterns such as fine linen or random grubbing.

One of the main benefits of top-seal is that the unit price can be a lot lower than a similar-sized tamper evident container and lid. Aside from saving money, DairyPAK top-seal containers provide an exciting opportunity to package dairy-based products like cheeses, creams and yogurts in a professional package that can rival supermarket competitors. To heat-seal our DairyPAK range please check out our small manual machine and dies.

This product is not suitable for Microwave or Freezer use.

Dwell time 1 second only for sealing.

Also available in White PET Foil Pre-cut Lids  –  lower cost but moqs may apply .  Contact Sales Office for further information

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Technical Diameter of 116.5mm but is designed for 118mm container
37 mic Embossed Aluminum foil
One side is coated with a heat sealing, food-approved lacquer.
Seal at a temperature of 190-210, dwell time 1-2 seconds.

Brand System Pak

Top Seal Lids

  • 1 Box     =    1000
  • 5 Boxes =   5000
  • 1/2 Pallet = 25 Boxes = 25,000
  • Full Pallet = 50 Boxes = 50,000

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