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Top Seal Containers

Top Seal Containers

Explore our range of top seal containers which are designed to be sealed by use of a compatible ‘heat sealing film’.  As a result, ensuring a 100% secure airtight and leak proof closure.
Top Seal Containers by SystemPAK - darker cover

Top Seal Range

Our Top Seal containers are simple and safe to use with hygiene and freshness guaranteed every time. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit every need.
We offer a variety of top seal films to suit every tray requirement in terms of material, size, seal (Peelable or weld seal) and also print.
The range(s) of trays on offer are perfect for every kind of food business such as Deli’s, Takeaways, Restaurants, Catering business’s, Supermarkets and even Hospital and School Canteens etc.

Most PP (polypropylene) trays* are both Microwaveable, freezer grade (> 19o/c) and dishwasher safe. Most products are Recyclable (PP & PETe) and or Compostible (PLA). All items carry Internationally recognised food certifications such as ISO & BRC.


DeliPAK Trays range of popular lightweight clear plastic trays


MenuPAK Containers popular Meal Trays in various shapes and sizes


GastroPAK popular Gastro Trays in various shapes and sizes


FreshPAK trays with high clairty in an array of shapes and sizes


A range of recyclable and compostable trays in a variety of sizes suitable for freezing, microwave and oven safe


A range of recyclable round top seal containers ideal for dairy, sauces and snacks


OvenPAK Containers are popular Meal Trays in various shapes and sizes which are designed for oven use


A range of Aliminium top seal trays suitable for home freezing and are oven safe

Manual Machine

Manual table top heat sealing machine

Square Tamper Evident Containers and Lids

Manual Lidding Film

Lidding Film for all trays in the Manual Range

500ml Black Rectangular Top Seal CPET Trays


MeatPAK is a comprehensive range of heat sealable trays to suit every requirement.

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