In Mould Labeling 

What is In Mould Labeling? 

In simple words, in-mould-labelling, or injection mould labelling (IML) is the art of injecting your label designs into your mould to create artworks that are both unique and a signature of your brand. 

How Does In Mould Labeling Work? 

The method of in mould labelling is actually pretty simple. 

The labelling machine takes your plastic product, places it in its mould chamber, and melts the plastic a bit so that the mould can take in the injection fluid 

Then, the brand logo design, taglines, and similar design components are injected into your mould through the colour fluids 

Once that’s done, the machine brings the melted plastic back to its room temperature, sealing it shut, this time decorated with your brand design! 

Why Should You Choose IML for Your Brand? 

Okay, for one moment, let’s think of all the containers and jars you have at home, which ones served as food containers. Some ice cream tubs now have jewellery in them, that cookie box now contains your sewing kit, and there’s your collection of exotic spices in another fast food container. 

Whenever you use these containers, you instantly remember what the food tasted like and whether you should just ring their phone number to order something more! 

Similarly, when you see someone holding a well-designed IML brand container, you’ll always remain curious about what the brand is, what it does, and you’ll go straight home and look them up on the internet. 

In short, IML is a minimal and discreet yet highly effective way of advertising a brand! 

Why Should You Choose In Mould Labeling from SystemPAK? 

Our Plastic Quality 

One of the main reasons to look into SystemPAK IML container designs is because they have all the approvals required to sell food in plastic containers. Our food-grade containers, when taken through the IML system, keep their plastic quality intact so that it is still safe to store your food. 

Our Versatility 

Another reason to go for the SystemPAK IML range is that we offer a diverse range of design ideas for our customers. You can choose to add intricate details, fonts, as well as larger, more abstract designs to your containers as per your liking. 

Our Price Range 

SystemPAK’s pricing plans are highly flexible and much more affordable than many others, that too while maintaining all the most impressive quality standards!

Wondering how to design your first ever IML container? We’re here to help you out!

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