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What is tamper evident packaging?

Tamper evident packaging is a dependable method of safety and awareness in packaging. Not only does it feature strong materials that keep the products inside safe, it alerts consumers to contamination or foul play. What is tamper evident packaging? The official industry definition comes from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations: “A tamper-evident package, […]

SystemPAK’s Commitment to Pet Well-being: Unveiling Our Premium Pet Food Containers for Cats and Dogs

At SystemPAK, we recognise the importance of providing optimal care for our four-legged companions. Central to their well-being is the storage of their food in a manner that preserves freshness and nutritional value. As pioneers in innovative packaging solutions, SystemPAK proudly presents a selection of premium pet food containers meticulously crafted for the specific needs […]

What is Bagasse packaging?

Bagasse packaging is a type of eco-friendly packaging made from sugarcane pulp. Sugarcane is an abundant natural resource in countries such as Brazil, India, China, and Thailand, and the leftover pulp from sugar extraction is called bagasse. This waste product has been repurposed into a variety of applications, including packaging, and has gained popularity as […]

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