Meal Prep: What Are the Benefits?

It’s easy to see the benefit of meal prep. If you work full-time, by the time you get home from a long day at work, you don’t always want to spend ages cooking a big meal. Often, you just want to put your feet up, relax, and watch Netflix. With meal prep, you can prepare a big batch of food in advance, saving you time from having to cook every time you want to eat.

There are two main approaches to meal prepping. You can either do complete meal prep or partial meal prep.

Partial meal prepping involves preparing all of your ingredients beforehand. So, you can peel and chop all of your vegetables, cook your meat, and then store all these ingredients in containers. Then, when you want to cook a meal, you can take each of these ingredients and use them to create the meal.

But if you want to do complete meal prep, you can fully create the meals in advance and then put them into individual containers. You could then freeze each of these portions for reheating when you want to eat them.

Meal prep benefits

  • Save time. By preparing a whole batch of meals in advance, you can save yourself a lot of time. If you work Monday to Friday, you could do a week’s worth of meal prep at the weekend and then not have to prepare any food during the week.
  • Save money. By planning a week of meals in advance, you can buy just the right amount of necessary ingredients. This reduces the chance of food waste, therefore saving you money.
  • Eat healthier. Since you will be planning meals ahead of time, sticking to a healthy eating plan will be easier.

Is meal prepping for you?

If you are someone who thrives on variety, you might struggle with meal prepping. The most effective form of meal prepping involves making one large meal and then dividing it up into individual portions for the week. Therefore, you will end up having the same meal every day.

One way to limit the monotony is to flavour it differently each time. So, you could try adding different spices, condiments and sauces to each meal. So, even though you are having the same basic ingredients, it won’t taste exactly the same each time.

Containers for meal prep

Okay, so you have decided you want to prepare your meals in advance. But what are you going to store all those pre-prepared meals in? Thankfully, we have the solution. In fact, we have got many solutions, with a wide range of microwave and dishwasher safe containers ideal for meal prepping.

For example:


So, there you go. Now you know the benefits of meal prep and where to buy suitable containers to put your food in.



  1. I like that you mentioned how meal prepping can make healthy eating easier, especially because one can stick to a plan better that way. My sister recently got promoted, so she hasn’t had much time for chores and cooking her own meals. I should recommend finding a meal kit service in our area because she definitely needs that because of her schedule.

    1. Thank you, yes meal prep is definitely the way forward in this economic climate!

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