How To Beat The Cost of Living With Sensible Meal Preparation And Food Storage

As food prices continue to rise, more and more people are looking at ways to manage their household spending on food. Cooking from scratch and limiting ready meals and takeaways is one measure. Cooking at home in bulk is another. This actually saves time by allowing you to cook and freeze several identical or similar dishes at once. You can also take advantage of discounts and special offers on products in the supermarket.

Batch cooking

Freezing leftovers is one thing but batch cooking ahead of time means there is no excuse for your family not to enjoy healthy and nutritional food every day even with everyone at work.

Batch cooking identical or similar meals saves energy costs on a meal-by-meal basis as well as time. You will always have a home-cooked meal ready in the freezer and are less likely to be tempted by a quick grab shopping trip after work which always mounts up at the till.

Batch cooking can be done completely or partially.  Strong freezer-proof containers like DeliPak are suitable for a range of foods including liquid-based dishes and casseroles. They are also great for storing leftovers and can be used for partial meal prepping where you prepare and store ingredients in the fridge all ready for use and saving time at the end of a long day.


Why batch cook?

There are lots of reasons why batch cooking is economical not just in terms of money but also time.

  • Take advantage of multi-buy offers or discounts in the supermarket and make several dishes which you can then freeze and use over time
  • Batch cooking is a more efficient way to use energy – cook several meals at the same time, keep one to eat and freeze the rest. Clearing up is also reduced saving energy and water when it comes to washing up or loading the dishwasher
  • Batch cooking is time efficient and means you don’t have to rest starting a meal from scratch at the end of a long day. Your family can eat economical and healthy food and you are less likely to phone out for a takeaway

Sustainable and eco-friendly plastic containers can be your friend if you want to pre-prep meals or batch cook for the freezer. The DeliPak range is available in a variety of different sizes and is designed to cope with both solid and liquid foods. DeliPak is truly multi-use and can be used to take food to work or on family trips, saving money on expensive purchases. Speak to our friendly and professional team and discover Systempak’s extensive product range for yourself.

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