Medium Manual Table Top Heat Sealing machine


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Medium Manual Table Top Heat Sealing Machine

For any Business’s wishing to move into ‘top seal containers’  then our small range of Manual Table Top machines are the obvious choice to begin with – as they are economical, robust, and easy to use !

This particular  model accepts three sizes of dies:  260 x 160mm Rectangular Trays plus 153mm and 220mm  Round Bowls –  perfect for  Butchers, Deli, Meat Packers, Fishmongers, AND those wishing to use bowls to present Soups, Casseroles, Ready Meals, Salads + Desserts, etc

Aside from saving money, top-seal containers provide a secure, leakproof, and extended shelf life for most products PLUS they introduce an exciting, and diverse opportunity to package products differently.  In addition, they can also be microwaveable, oven-safe, have multiple cavities, and can be packaged together in seconds.

To use this machine you will need trays, sealing dies, and PP lidding film ( 185mm wide)

Check out how to operate our machine in the VIDEO tab above. When ordered a member of the team will reach out to you to arrange delivery which should be within 3-4 weeks, we’ll discuss which options you’d like to go for (where there are multiple options) and then we will get them sent out to you.