Make Your Hamper Stand Out

Ready to kick off the festive season? The end of the year always sounds like the perfect time to celebrate. Anticipation runs high, and everyone’s in for enjoying some good moments before the holidays come to an end.

Considering this change in public mood, it might be a good idea to change your product packaging for special occasions! Being in the food and culinary industry, you can certainly plan on introducing your special line of holiday favourites, and perhaps amp it up with some advertising and promotions, too. But if you want to retain a more unique and lasting impression amongst your audience, nothing could fare better than a custom festive hamper!

With that said, if you’re looking for reliable hamper services especially for your brand then worry no more! SystemPAK runs a year-round service of manufacturing customised prints for its catering and serving containers, pots, lids, tubs, trays, glasses, and bowls. You can find your ideal type of print and customise it exactly according to your needs and fit the holiday mood! 

If you’re planning your holiday hampers for the business, here’s all you need to know about how SystemPAK’s packaging services can help you create a memorable campaign!

1. In-Mould Labelling

The first option that SystemPAK offers is in-mould, professional standard labelling. These are the types of container and lid moulds that are mechanically impregnated with your customised print design. They’re great for when you’re following a specific theme for all your containers, since they look pretty professional, exclusive, and also last longer than other hampering options.

2. Printed Self-Adhesive Labels

If you have a variety of designs to put on your hampers and want to do it all on a budget, then SystemPAK’s self-adhesive labels are probably a more feasible, viable, and liberating option. You can pick and choose your own mix of design combinations on different lids and containers. You can also pick your own special notes to stick randomly on each of the containers as a special wish for the end customer. Printed, adhesive labels offer nearly the same professional look and quality as in-mould ones, but they’re a lot cheaper when you need multiple design options on a budget.

3. Cardboard Sleeves

Avoiding plastic waste? No problem! SystemPAK is just as considerate of eco-friendly clientele as it is for its other customer bases. Their cardboard sleeve packaging options are also affordable and are available with vibrant, colourful prints on different cardboard shapes and sizes. If your products and hampers are specifically targeted towards customers who purchase your item in disposable containers, these cardboard sleeves provide the best convenience and style with their sleek designs.

Final Words

Customised printing and hampers generally bring an impressive ROI whenever people try them out. It’s a simple technique, but with the right set and tools of design, you can capture your consumer’s eye, as well as their wallet (metaphorically!). Since they’re most likely already in a festive mood, you can use these hampering options to make the most of the holiday season!

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