Candle and Wax Melts Containers

Candle and wax melts are really popular these days! Wax melts are scented wax chunks that emit perfume when melted.

At SystemPAK, you can find different kinds of candle and wax melts containers. Each of these containers has different options that can help you create wax melt containers. Below are a few of these!

1. Round Deli Containers and Lids

The first option you get is a set of round deli containers and lids. Yes, these are SystemPAK’s range of deli portion pots, however, they make great candle and wax melt containers. Since these are made to maintain food-grade quality standards, so they’re quite safe for inedible items, too, such as scented candles, beeswax, wax-based makeup, and similar products. 

These are thin-walled 100 ml containers, with separate lids and containers, so you can choose to keep your wax products sealed or open, as per your choice. Since these are commonly sold for deli meals, SystemPAK makes them in bulk, too. You can look for 1,000 containers in bulk, 1,000 lids in bulk, or a combination of 500 containers and lids!

2. Round Tamper Evident Containers

Candle and wax melts require secure sealing. You may want them to have a prolonged shelf life, or you may be trying to keep them safe till they are ready to be used. 

In cases like these, beauty, skincare, and medicinal companies employ tamper-evident containers to store their products. These containers keep the end product completely secure and untouched before it reaches its rightful owner. This means that the wax inside the product is safe to be sold commercially, and it’s also easy to notice when someone attempts to tamper with your wax product. These last pretty well over long-distance transports, and are great if you want to start a small business stocking candle and wax melt products.

3. Oval Hinged Sauce Containers

These oval-hinged sauce containers offer a third option that is affordable, high-quality, as well as stylish in its own way. If you feel like rectangular or circular products are too common, why not give a shot to a different design, such as this oval-hinged variety? These oval-hinged containers are also made of food-grade plastic, hence they’re capable of handling your most environmentally-sensitive candle and wax melt products without breaking a sweat!

Why Choose SystemPAK?

With SystemPAK, you get another advantage; you can get your very own customised labels for your containers. You may go for in-mould printing labelling, self-adhesive sticker sheets, or cardboard sleeves to give your products an identity.


SystemPAK’s containers can contain much more than just food. If you’re wondering how you can get your candle and wax products to look attractive, then these SystemPAK containers are a promising candidate!



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