500ml 136x120x45mm Black CPET Trays – dual ovenable

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500ml Black Rectangular Top Seal CPET Trays – standard stock item

These popular 500ml Black Rectangular Top Seal CPET Trays provide a secure and cost-effective method of packaging whilst at the same time providing an exceptional high-quality presentation.

One of the main benefits of top-seal is that the unit price can be a lot lower than similar-sized trays with pre-formed lids  Aside from saving money, OvenPAK is our only range of oven-safe containers that provide an exciting opportunity to package Ready Meals in a professional pack that can rival supermarket competitors. It is worth noting that they are also ideal for ‘baking off’ food products as well

The trays are made from a quality, high-gloss material that does not deform when subjected to either high or low temperatures – making it suitable for use in either the microwave, conventional oven, or freezer ( -40 o/c).

All products are certified by the ISO and BRC industry-standard and recognized food institutions and are 100% recyclable

To seal this product you will need lidding film and an auto heat-sealing machine.

This product can be styled with self-adhesive labels and cardboard sleeves. Please see the PRINT tab above for more details.

Additional information

Weight 8.00 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 260 mm
Product Type







Containers Quantity


Can go straight from freezer to oven
Recommended microwave or conventional oven exposure of 180°C for 30 minutes
High barrier to food-grade gases. Ideal for packaging food in modified atmospheric conditions
Suitable for hot filling and pasteurisation
Suitable to be frozen not exceeding -70°C

Brand System Pak

Top Seal Trays

Top Seal Trays require heat sealing with lidding film.


  • 1 Box     =   280 Trays
  • 5 Boxes =  1,400 Trays
  • 10 Boxes = 2800 Trays
  • 1/2 Pallet = 24 Boxes = 6720 Trays
  • 1 Pallet = 48 Boxes = 13,440 Trays
  • 3 Pallet = 144 Boxes = 40,320 Trays

Courier Delivery (1-9 Boxes): Standard 1–2 day service. Upgraded delivery options available. Some regions may differ (see shipping timetable).

Palletised Delivery (10+ Boxes): Please allow 3-5 working days.

Buying products in bulk by the pallet is the cheapest way to purchase the products you need. If you want us to come back to you with a bespoke quote then please fill out our form here.

Print Options

Self-Adhesive – Self-adhesive labels are stickers that are designed and shaped to your desired spec and are fantastic for items like our salad trays and deli pots.

  • Minimum Order Quantity = 1,000. The print order can include a full-colour photo within the design.
  • For a bespoke Self Adhesive label quote please fill out our form
  • For a detailed look into self-adhesive options please see our guide here


Cardboard Sleeves – Cardboard Sleeves are a great way to display a variety of information on your products like branding and nutritional information.

  • Minimum Order Quantity = 1,000.
  • For a bespoke Cardboard Sleeve quote please fill out our form
  • For a detailed look into cardboard-sleeve options please see our guide here


If you require more information about the SystemPAK print options, please refer to the Print Your PAK page for more details.