Autumn is a great time of year with loads of seasonal fruit and veg being harvested. It’s a great time of year for walks in the forest and having soup for dinner. Thankfully SystemPak has a great range of products to package your autumn harvests and a great variety of containers to store those seasonal soups. Why not top them with crispy onions?
Buckets are a great way to store a variety of larger food goods such as potatoes, larger root vegetables and even meats. Some people even choose buckets to preserve and pickle their goods.
You can buy buckets almost anywhere, but SystemPak is the right place to go for several reasons. All of our products, including all buckets, are ISO & BRC certified so when you shop with SystemPAK you know that you’re getting the best quality products. Everything is made of food-grade plastic. If you’re in the wholesale business and you need the most cost-effective tamper-evident buckets, then shop at SystemPAK.

Our Products
We have a range of 4 large buckets between 3 and 20 litres which should provide you with the perfect product for your needs. We currently have 3 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre buckets which
all come with handles and lids as standard. If you’re a smaller business and need smaller container-like-buckets, then we do stock those as well! A variety of our customers use things like the 1L containers with handles and lids to stock bird feed, seeds, fish bait and even dog food. The plastic material used in these products are better than other options for multiple reasons:

  • They do not degrade easily, and they do not affect the produce you store inside
  • They are not usually sensitive to high or low temperatures, which means that no matter where you go, the quality of the produce inside will not be ruined
  • They are made of strong and durable plastic components, so there’s rarely any chance of breakage or leakage in the containers

A large percentage of our products, including all buckets, can be decorated with in-mold-labelling which is essential if you want to market your products in the best way possible on the marketplace. If IML isn’t for you then try self-adhesive stickers to decorate your products instead. If you’re a budding new customer and are a bit sceptical of what kind of results you should expect then get in contact and order some free IML and self-adhesive samples – all you’ll need to do is pay for shipping.

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