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Delis have made life easier for many of us. And since so many of us purchase deli food ranges on an almost daily basis, it’s a good idea to sell deli foods and even start your own business. You can supply to grocery chains, you can run a home business, and you can set up your own franchise with the right planning. 

And an important aspect of this planning is the range of deli you’ll serve. You may go with some traditional choices, such as quiches and salamis, or you may launch some exclusive recipes of your own. 

All these products will suit different kinds of containers. For example, if there’s gravy in a product, that’ll need a deep container. If you’re serving fish fillets, you may prefer deli trays for product packaging.

Thankfully, DeliPAK by SystemPAK has it all covered. From seals and containers to printing labels for it, this is your one-stop shop to get everything you’ll need to experiment with your own deli line. 

In our DeliPAK range, you can look for:

Seal Containers

SystemPAK specialises in container types and has a range of top seals and lids that can suit different deli foods. We have peelable seals and welded ones, so you can use peelable ones for on-the-spot consumption and welded seals for long-distance deliveries to different places, such as businesses and cafes. 

These are available in various materials, sizes, and shapes, each compliments different kinds of DeliPAK containers!

Table Top Heat Sealing Machine

Gone are the days when you had to manually fix and check seals on each one of your containers and complain to your supplier company when any of the container seals didn’t screw in properly. 

Now, these seal machines in our DeliPAK range do it all for you within minutes, over and over again, each time with perfection and ease. 

All you have to do is choose your mould containers and allow the machine to heat-seal the containers. These devices are made with stainless steel and have durable construction, so just one or two purchases can go a long way for a small startup. 

These have been supplied with TWO sealing dies which enable all TMF trays to be sealed. On average, a single Heat Seal Machine can seal 7 trays per minute, which is pretty fast compared to human effort.

FFS150 Lidding Film

A lidding film is a clear 40-micron polypropylene plastic that clings to the container and is employed for takeaway and ready-to-eat delis. This FFS150 film is 150mm wide and 300 meters in length. 

If you use these on a tray with 190 × 137 dimensions, you can get about 1500 impressions. The films can also be customized with self-adhesive print.

Final Thoughts

a deli can only be a success if it’s available with smart packaging. Here at SystemPAK, our Deli packaging products can ensure just the type of you desire! 


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