Have You Seen Our Table Top Heat Sealing Machines?

SystemPAK has recently introduced a simple ‘table top’ heat sealing machine, which allows all it’s DeliPAK range of trays to be hermetically sealed with two dies  (included in cost)

The machine can also accommodate a number of different dies to suit an extensive range of different sized containers –  available  in a variety of different materials  such as PP, Cpet, Apet, CA-Pet, PLA,  CA-PLA, Alum  etc

The low cost and hygienic nature of this machine with chosen die(s) makes it ideal for use in most retail outlets, supermarkets and catering establishments


The principle benefits and advantages of using the universal #3130 are numerous and include the following:

  • Stainless steel construction – robust and easy to clean
  • Video / Booklet included – shows assembly and ease of use
  • No moving parts – little to go wrong and easy to maintain
  • Variable temperature settings – to suit containers in different materials and compatible sealing film
  • Can accommodate a wide range of different sized containers – sealing dies to suit on request
  • Die change – quick and simple
  • 100% seal –  to prevent contamination OR leakage
  • Shelf life –  extended
  • Guarantee – six months ( subject to normal wear and tear )
  • Service Agreement on request.
  • Purchase Agreement on request
  • A modified version of this machine, namely the #3133 which cuts the film close to the rim of any container- providing a neat and professional finish, is available on request  ( extended lead time )

In conclusion, Systempak highly recommend this piece of equipment to any outlet operating as a Butcher, Baker, Deli, Fast Food, Takeaway, Fruiterer etc

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