Introducing SystemPak Soup Containers

Whether you’re a new home cook or an experienced connoisseur, every business in the culinary and food industry thrives on one meal: soups! From tomato soup to carrot and coriander, you can mix and match your ingredients however you like. 

In fact, the possibilities are so vast that you can run a successful business by selling different types of soup alone. The key is to know your proportions and your way of delivering the product. 

While the magic of perfect soup proportions lies in your own hands, here at SystemPAK, we are gladly offering our services for the second one: product delivery! 

How Can We Help You? 

Soup, just like all other liquid meals, are slightly more difficult to sell. You can sell solid food on trays and open bowls, and they won’t threaten to spill at the slightest knock. But with a hot bowl of soup (or even with cold soup), you need your packaging to be on its A-game. A professional-grade soup serving container from SystemPAK can help you in the following ways: 

  1. Easy to Sell 

You may be running a restaurant or a roadside food stall. Regardless, our soup containers are perfect for takeaways and parcels. This causes more people to buy them because they’re so easy to handle. 

  1. Safe 

Soup spilling incidents aren’t new to literally anyone who knows what soup is! The wet mess and the potential burns that result from a spill are bad news for business. This makes professional-grade containers the easiest and safest way of serving soup in most cases. 

  1. Handy Branding 

What better way to have someone promote your brand than to have them walk around with your label? With SystemPAK’s customised printing and labelling services, you can earn a new customer every time someone notices your brand! 

  1. Tamper Evident Packaging 

Tamper evident packaging, also known as tamper-resistant packaging, is a food packaging technique that makes it obvious to the customer that the product has been tampered with. Therefore, it’s easy for your customer to detect any tampering with the containers, seals, or lids. This way, your business keeps the customer safe, which strengthens the foundation of your business ethics! 

  1. Economize and Estimate 

Lastly, bulk food companies find our SystemPAK soup containers to be in their best interest. Whether you’re a supply company, own a catering business, or manage hotels, a readymade container allows you to estimate the amount of serving and the approximate cost for as large or as little quantity as you prefer.

Endless Options! 

You can get our soup containers in a number of different shapes, sizes and with different protective measures. SystemPAK can even print your brand logo, nutritional information and manufacturer details on the containers.

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