System Pak’s Innovative Approach to Sustainable Food Packaging

As consumers become increasingly eco-conscious, businesses are exploring ways to minimise their environmental impact. System Pak, a leader in the packaging industry (, has taken a bold step toward sustainability with its cutting-edge range of cardboard top-seal trays lined with PLA (Polylactic Acid).

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

System Pak’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in its exciting range of sustainable packaging options. The cardboard top seal trays, lined with PLA, offer a fully compostable solution for a variety of food items. These trays are not only environmentally friendly but also versatile, being dual oven-able and freezer-safe. The PLA containers provide options for both cold/chilled items and foods that need to be heated, ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable packaging solution.

Why Choose Plastic Packaging?


Product Safety & Protection

Plastic packaging has long been valued for its ability to safeguard products. System Pak emphasises the importance of product safety and protection with its tamper-evident containers, providing consumers with an added layer of security.

Lightweight & Robust

Plastic packaging stands out for its lightweight nature and robust characteristics. Unlike alternative materials, plastic is shatterproof, reducing the risk of breakages or rust. The incorporation of tamper-evident tabs further enhances the safety of the end product for consumption.


The versatility of plastic packaging is a key advantage. With a range of different plastics available, System Pak offers infinite opportunities in shape and structure, providing design flexibility that is not achievable with other materials.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Plastic packaging contributes to the conservation of natural resources by having a low carbon footprint. Its lightweight nature requires less energy for manufacturing and transportation, making it an environmentally responsible choice.


System Pak is actively working to reduce single-use plastics by producing durable polypropylene products designed for reuse. These tamper-evident containers are 100% recyclable, contributing to the company’s commitment to sustainable practices.

A Greener Tomorrow with System Pak

System Pak’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond offering environmentally friendly packaging solutions. The company actively works towards reducing the supply and consumption of single-use plastics. The durable polypropylene products from System Pak are liquid-tight, suitable for hot or cold filling, and can be used for home freezing and microwaving.

These reusable containers are not only functional but also lightweight, making them comparable to traditional Tupperware but with a smaller environmental footprint. When these containers reach the end of their lifespan, they can be easily recycled in household recycling, completing the cycle of sustainability.

System Pak’s commitment to sustainable food packaging is evident in its innovative range of cardboard top-seal trays and PLA containers. By embracing environmentally friendly materials and design principles, System Pak is leading the way in providing packaging solutions that prioritise both product safety and environmental responsibility. As businesses and consumers alike seek more sustainable options, System Pak stands as a beacon of progress in the packaging industry, demonstrating that a greener tomorrow is within reach.

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