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Some of the most commonly used containers in the Retail Confectionery Industry are clear and rigid tamper-evident containers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Within the past 18 months of the pandemic, there was a sharp rise in people selling sweets and confectionaries over social media. If you were in the market to start a small side business, then you too would need to source some tamper-proof containers! We stock a very wide variety of sizes to suit all possible needs and for all possible sweets. One of our most popular tubs in this category is our 2L round containers which are often used for candy floss and other sweet treats. 


People in the market have faced difficulties in getting reliable stock at competitive prices with quick delivery. SystemPAK has solved this issue because we’re always well-stocked and are always at the ready to make sure that customers can get exactly what they need when they need it. If orders are placed before 12pm, they could be with a customer in as little as 24 hours. 


We at SystemPAK have an amazing range of products from as little as 30ml tubs to 20 litre buckets, but for sweets and confectionaries, we’d recommend anything between 90ml and 2000ml containers. Our range is well divided between round, square and rectangular containers. If, like some sweet sellers, you sell big boxes of sweets then this is greatly beneficial to you as you’ll almost certainly be able to find exactly the right product for you and your customer. 


Many shops sell large square tubs of sweets, either full of fried egg sweets or squishy bananas, you’ve probably seen them! We stock products like that but of higher quality than what you’d find at most retail premises. If you have the drive to be the best business in your field, with the best products, then SystemPAK is here for you! 


If you want buckets for candy floss, we can do that too. We would recommend 5L buckets for products like that which are big in volume but little in weight as putting it in a smaller container would compromise the quality of the candy. Our buckets and our containers can be decorated to any specification.


If it is something you’d be interested in, we can organize the production of your goods with In-Mould-Labelling which can give your goods a zip of colour. IML is the best call when it comes to marketing your products. 


SystemPAK has a proven track record in customer service and in selling some of the best products on the market. We are a national leader in tamper-evident packaging, and we have the expertise to make sure you get exactly what you need. Why not give us a go? 

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