Tamper Evident Containers

As a chef or a home cook, you might have considered starting up your own business. However, restaurants are a huge deal that not many of us can take up. Instead, a roadside food stall, an on-the-go cafe, or maybe home delivery can provide some more feasible alternatives.

So, if you’re confused about how to serve readymade foods for different types of remote customers, then there are only a few things you need to know, and one of them is the utility of Tamper Evident Containers!

What Are Tamper Evident Containers?

Tamper Evident Containers are basically containers that keep the food inside sealed and protected against all external harm. This includes environmental protection, accidental impact, as well as
protective measures against deliberate attempts to tamper with the container to steal food or contaminate it.

The containers are sealed shut after you fill them with the food item and are only opened when your customers open them to consume the food.

Why Should You Use Tamper Evident Containers?

Tamper evident containers are an excellent investment for all sorts of food businesses for multiple reasons, including the following:

They Keep the Food Safe

The food you serve in tamper-free containers is usually eaten in buses, on sidewalks, or used in large restaurants for batch cooking, or even stored in grocery stores so that others can come and purchase them. During all this time, the contents inside are at risk of getting spoiled or spilt for multiple reasons.

The container may fall somewhere, or it may be affected by extreme temperatures. However, food-grade, tamper-evident containers are your best bet at keeping the food safe in all sorts of environments.

They Maintain Professionalism

When you don’t serve your customers on plates and with proper silverware in an air-conditioned restaurant, it can be a tad hard to impress them, even if your menu is delicious!

To make up for that lack of serving manner, these tamper-evident containers help to maintain your

professionalism in the food business industry. It also helps customers in identifying signs of tampering and informing you about it so that you can take charge.

Tamper Evident Container Range

Here at SystemPAK, we have a whole range of various tamper-evident containers and seal lids. These include:

  • Round These are ideal for packing dips, sauces, and items like chicken strips, prawns, puddings and products with liquids.
  • Square Useful for storing dried goods, rice, herbs and spices, as well as stocks and soups in larger quantities.
  • Rectangular Great for serving and storing lasagnas, pasta, chow mien, noodles, and similar dishes, as well as desserts and soft serves.
  • Slimline Opening a cafe or a bakery? These slimline tamper-evident containers can store your chocolate mousses yoghurts and cream with ease!
  • Buckets These are round with a handle at the top, perfect for bulk sweet, popcorn, birdseed or fish flakes.
  • Freezer Grade Great for selling frozen items, including especially ice creams and sundaes!

Ready to take your packaging to the next level? Consider your purchase with SystemPAK today!

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