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The contemporary catering industry has expanded all over the world, adding disposable product containers to the shelves of various supermarkets, party buffets, small food businesses, and other areas. This also means that the disposable catering industry now comprises of a diversity of dishes and packable foods, all of which obviously require different packaging systems!

Keeping up with this shift, SystemPAK has also expanded its line of container options to help different businesses with different clientele and different cuisines, find their right type of container with ease. Here, you can look into:

1. Deli Portion Pots

These are small, circular, single-portion pots and are great for serving gravies, broths, and even desserts. They are perhaps some of the most commonly sold deli containers and are seen in a number of places, from supermarkets to roadside vendors to parcel packages. They’re ideal for single servings.

2. Deli Portion Tubs

If you’re serving something that’s meant for multiple servings, then this one’s the perfect pick. Deli portion tubs can be used to serve a number of cuisines, ranging from Italian pasta to sandwiches!

3. Sauce Pots

Instead of drizzling your sauces, garnishes, and other condiments all over the main dish, it is usually preferred to serve them separately in one of SystemPAK’s sauce pots! These are smaller than regular pots and tubs but are sufficient to complement the main dish. These also add a touch of sophistication to your end product!

4. Salad Bowls

Serving salads in disposable styrofoams is old news. Now, you can try out SystemPAK’s very own lidded salad bowls that are shaped perfectly to create stunning designs, including sidewalls of veggies and fruits as well as more complicated patterns inside the bowl.

5. Salad Containers

If your customers can’t get enough of your scrumptious salad varieties, then you can also serve them in bigger batches, which is where these salad containers fit in perfectly. These have a larger volume, yet they’re more compact than salad bowls. Therefore, you can even use them for selling readymade salads to supermarkets and other restaurants in bulk instead of serving right to the end customer.

6. Food Trays

Serving different types of meals? Try out SystemPAK’s food trays! These are compatible with all the portions usually included in a single serving meal, ranging from starters, main course, sauce, salad, sides, as well as a dessert. SystemPAK’s food trays are also re-sealable, so they are perfect for on-the-go eating.


As catering evolves, so does the need for different container options. SystemPAK’s range of catering-compatible containers has excellent designs for all businesses, regardless of their cuisines or price range. These ensure safe and healthy food under all conditions, helping brands establish their reputation more positively.

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