SystemPAK’s Top Seal Containers

Simply defined as applying a flexible film to the rim of a container, and then through means of applied heat, achieving a weld or peel seal

Systempak will shortly offer one of the most comprehensive range(s) of containers and film which will cover all or most clients requirements

Currently available from stock are a few of our categories which are listed on the website:

  • DeliPak: Series of highly popular rectangular trays in PP suited to most small retail outlets:  Freezer to microwave
  • DairyPak: Series of round containers in PP as above:  Freezer to microwave
  • GastroPak: Series of large rectangular trays suited to catering outlets: freezer to microwave
  • Sealing films to suit all the above in a variety of different finish’s  eg:  anti-fog, freezer grade, weld seal, peel seal, etc

All provide a 100% airtight seal- thereby preventing contamination and extending the shelf life of the contents.

The following categories of products will also include both sustainable and compostable products,  which will be available shortly.

  • Dual Ovenable trays (CPet):  wide range of popular menu trays   – freezer > microwave or conventional oven  -40 > + 180 o/c
  • Cardboard and Pet/Pla :  extensive series of trays in either finish   – 40 > 200 o/c
  • PLA : smaller series of selective trays   –  compostable and  operate  0  > + 40 o/c
  • APet: wide range of both trays and lids to suit most trays: recyclable operate  -40 > +70 o/c
  • ALc:  popular range of recyclable smooth wall aluminium trays  and operate  -40 > + 200 o/c

If you are planning to present your products in a ‘top seal’ format – then don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and/or samples.

Systempak will present you with all the possible alternatives to finding the best solution to your ongoing requirements…..simply call us on 01225 751898 or make contact by email:


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