Why Every Food Supplier Needs Tamper Evident Containers

A well-packaged product is key for any food business looking to improve its margins and enhance its customer satisfaction levels. While there is a wide range of food containers on offer, tamper-evident containers are a distinctly effective form of quality assurance. These plastic containers are designed with ergonomic seals to make it clear if a food product has been compromised at all. So, they quickly and effectively inform producers whether they can transact on a food product safely before the item is consumed. 

Because of the recent increase in popularity of contact-free food delivery, leakproof tamper-evident containers are now yet more in demand with local takeaways, restaurants and delis. When a product arrives safely at the consumer’s door in a tamper-evident container, they can reasonably assume that it will arrive without interference from the delivery firm. This establishes a clear chain of supply and significantly reduces the possibility of misappropriated liability. The seal provides clear accountability if things do unfortunately go awry and it prevents the product from being damaged in transit. 

The Benefits Of Tamper Evident Containers 

Sadly, there is a long history of food interference for financial gain. Tamper proofing dates back to hundreds of years ago with the sealing of paper letters using wax. But, this added security method increased in popular use in the food industry with large scale international manufacturing and shipping. If a tamper seal is regrettably opened in transit, consumers can dispose of the product before any such potentially devastating negative consequences are discovered. An alternative product can then be supplied and the relevant party can be held to account. 

Tamper-proof packaging aids food suppliers by: 

  1. Preventing tampering and theft by minimizing the potential for product damage in transit. 
  2. Supplying a safer product by establishing a clear chain of supply. 
  3. Eliminating spillages during the delivery process and retaining heat. 
  4. Slowing down the decay process with an airtight seal. 
  5. Improving customer satisfaction levels by supplying a well-presented and secure item. 

Using Temper Evident Containers

Tamper evident containers now come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit multiple needs. This includes durable polypropylene pots, tubs, slimline, freezer grade and square items. All of these SystemPAK items are airtight, 100% recyclable, affordable, microwave-safe, freezer-safe and BPA-free. Food producers can use these containers to store liquids, dry food, semi-dry food and even ice cream or yoghurt. For added reassurance and ease of use, SystemPAK is also able to provide custom print labels for individual restaurants. 

For this added peace of mind, producers simply portion their product, insert it into the container and close the container shut. The seal then prevents anyone from opening the product in the interim period. Upon delivery or purchase, the consumer can then break the straightforward seal and can then safely enjoy their item. Producers can supply food happy in the knowledge that it has a higher chance of being safely delivered to the customers. Customers can consume products knowing that they are exactly what it says on the tin. 


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