Top Seal is the most common method of packaging

Top seal or heat sealing is probably the most common method of packaging and presenting food products.

The method comprises the use of a base container and a compatible lidding film which is applied to the former by means of a ‘Heat Sealing Machine’ . The use of a relatively thin and inexpensive film obviously does away with the need for a much more expensive ‘pre-formed lid’ and most importantly it ensures a 100% leak proof seal which is not guaranteed by the former!

The containers are available in a multitude of different materials such as Plastic, Aluminium , Eco friendly and Compostable,  to suit both the product and it’s means of presentation .

A number of other benefits include :

  • APet, for its highly transparent finish  -most suitable for Salads, Greens and Fruit etc
  • CPet, for it’s ability to be used in both microwaves and conventional ovens – most suitable for Ready Meals and Food on the Go
  • Auminium, for its suitability to bake products in a conventional oven
  • PP ( Polypropylene) for it’s ability to be used in Microwaves – most suitable for warming/cooking
  • CA-Pet, is a cardboard container with a polyester lining providing similar properties to CPet except that it is a much more sustainable, eco friendly and recyclable
  • CA-PLA is a cardboard container with a cellulose lining – which are reclyclable and totally compostable .Suitable for freezer, microwave and conventional oven
  • Pulp containers – (to be introduced shortly) are made from biodegradable and renewable materials, and exhibit the following properties such as the ability to Microwave, Oven cook, freeze and are also recyclable

Altogether a complete system which answers every requirement!

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