It’s Time To Invest In Easy To Use Top Seal Containers

With so much going on in a food supplier location at any one time, investing in quality airtight food storage containers may initially seem like an unnecessary expenditure. Food businesses will often be reluctant to spend more than they absolutely have to at first. So, they tend to have a love-hate relationship with their containers. But, sourcing optimal storage containers is crucial to success for many reasons. 


In this period of rising inflation, it makes particularly strong business sense. Whether you are selling hot or cold items, sealed plastic containers can be used to keep raw or cooked ingredients in good order for longer. In the longer term, exposing food to oxygen, freezer burn and other outside elements are the main reasons that it deteriorates. Airtight vacuum sealing your items can prevent freezer burn, help to keep food fresh and ensures food will hold more flavour during meal prep. 


Sealed plastic food containers are surprisingly durable and simple to use. Sealing minimises the chance of spillage, ensuring excellent presentation and accurate portion control. Thanks to their airtight lids, heat is also retained for longer and cold items are kept at a lower temperature. It enables producers to supply food products that look and taste better. So, it is easy to see how delis, takeaways, catering businesses, supermarkets and even canteens all benefit from using top seal containers.


SystemPAK’s quality airtight seal food containers come in a range of shapes and sizes. They produce a great range of food storage containers to suit every different type of food product and most are freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. Options include deli trays, meal trays and gastro trays in a variety of colours, as well as an accompanying selection of films. These are designed to be adopted alongside an easy to use manual aluminium compatible heat sealing film system to ensure airtightness. 


Most of these vacuum seal containers from SystemPAK are recyclable or compostable and carry relevant food certifications. So, they can be used safely for a variety of storage needs as well for food on the go. To fully heat seal your food product is quick, easy and cost-effective. You simply lay out the items from your supply Manual Table Top Heat Sealing Machine. Then unscrew the screws at the back of the machine carefully and screw the roller support bars in place. 


Once you have completed the initial phase, then attach the rollers, place the film between the rollers and place the container into the machine. Plug in the machine, switch it on and set it to the required temperature for your choice of film. Then, wait for your machine to heat up and pull the film through to the end of the container. Place the holding flap in place and pull the lid down for two to five seconds. Now your product is sealed, stamped and ready to go. 

Check out our handy YouTube video for an accompanying visual guide.

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