Why Invest In Better Takeaway Catering and Disposables Containers?

The UK fast food and takeaway industry is forecast to perform strongly over the next five years, according to the Ibis World Industry Report. The report predicts that post-pandemic growth will be supported by continued improvements in seamless mobile app ordering and a trend towards healthier eating. But with over four billion users now connected to the internet worldwide, users are now also able to compare takeaway food packages and pricing instantly. 

So as the economy stretches the budget of the average consumer, they will focus on restaurants providing affordable options that don’t compromise on quality. From fresh ingredients right through to takeaway catering and disposables containers, this added layer of digital visibility will put more pressure on takeaway kitchens to perform. At the time of writing, the hashtag #takeaway alone has 6.25m pictures uploaded onto Instagram, with location-specific top posts reaching thousands of potential customers.

Any UK restaurant owner will already be familiar with packaging from major industry players such as McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, Yum! Restaurant Holdings and Subway International BV. Each of these international household names invests heavily in providing highly recognisable but cost-effective catering disposables. For these big brands, distinctive and attractive disposable food containers form part of a consistent experience that keeps their customers coming back for more. 

The reason that these big brands maintain a big focus on their marketing personas is that this is exactly what generates their excellent returns. So as consumers move towards more levelled Internet-based takeaway and catering purchasing systems, more opportunities are arriving for smaller businesses to stand out. From food delivery bags through to pizza boxes, disposable food packaging containers can be utilised as a social media and physical marketing opportunity throughout an entire menu range.

But food packaging containers go beyond this – they are also an opportunity to ensure that online orders are is kept warm and tasting good for longer. A well-packaged catering or fast food product will lower the rates of orders being sent back and damaged in transit, creating an all-around improved experience. SystemPAK’s affordable range of thermoformed or injection moulded containers, for example, are available in a variety of sizes to suit every restaurant and caterers’ individual portion needs. 

Disposable food packaging makes an enormous difference to the customer’s perception of a takeaway and fast food venue’s product. As Internet-based ordering continues to expand, now is the time that SMEs will begin to establish these enduring client relationships. Combining delicious healthy food with an Instagram-friendly finish is what will grab the attention of new customers and get them to order more.

Quality branding and product delivery will continue to set businesses apart as these new ordering platforms develop. So, there are great rewards to be had by investing in good quality takeaway catering and disposables containers that show off products to their best advantage. When it comes to the takeaway and fast food market, the use of aesthetically pleasing and high-quality disposable packaging will be essential for continued growth and success.

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